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BPM Steering Committee Welcomes Two New Members

During the annual meeting of the Steering Committee of the BPM Conference Series (BPM SC) in Innsbruck, the BPM SC decided to invite Stefanie Rinderle-Ma and Manfred Reichert. They both accepted.

Stefanie Rinderle-Ma is a full professor at Universität Wien and has been active in the BPM community for many years. She was workshop chair for BPM 2009 and PC chair for BPM 2011.


Manfred Reichert is a full professor at the University of Ulm and has been involved in the BPM conference series since its inception. He organized BPM 2009 in Ulm, was PC chair in 2008, and
contributed to our conference series in many other ways (e.g., as General Workshop Chair in 2015 and Doctoral Consortium Chair in 2012).


Both Stefanie and Manfred were coauthors of the paper “Evaluation of Correctness Criteria for Dynamic Workflow Changes” presented at BPM 2003 . This paper won the first BPM Test of Time Award.

Given their strong commitment to the BPM community, Stefanie and Manfred are looking forward to working with the other BPM SC members (see for a list of all ten SC members).

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