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BPM 2015 Workshop on Process Engineering

Mathias Weske and Stefanie Rinderle-Ma co-organized the first International Workshop on Process Engineering (IWPE) in conjunction with the International Conference on Business Process Engineering in Innsbruck on 31 August 2015.

The program featured a keynote on "Taking an Engineering Perspective on Process-Aware Information Systems" by Manfred Reichert (University of Ulm), four research presentations, as well as a panel on "Novel Platforms for Process Enactment" (M. Weske, M. Reichert, C. Pautasso, A. Ruiz-Cortez). 

The workshop was well visited. Especially, the panel was attended by 40 participants and resulted in a fruitful and inspiring discussion.

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BPM is not just about making diagrams. The real challenge is to realize information systems that support processes without jeopardizing flexibility.

_ Wil van der Aalst


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