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The Next Wave of Research in BPM

Opens internal link in current windowManfred Reichert was invited keynote speaker of the Opens external link in new window14th International Conference on Perspectives in Business Informatics Research (BIR 2015). Die BIR'15 conference took place in Tartu, Estonia from 26 - 28 August 2015.

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Manfred Reichert: Initiates file downloadThe Next Wave of Research in Business Process Management
Invited Keynote, 14th International Conference on Perspectives in Business Informatics Research (BIR 2015), Tartu, Estland, 27. August 2015

Business Process Management (BPM) has been evolving as a research discipline for more than a decade and a multitude of innovative concepts, methods and techniques have been suggested, e.g., related to process modeling languages, process model analyses, process enactment infrastructures, process flexibility, and process mining. Although BPM has matured as a research discipline, there is still a gap between its promises and its actual achievements in practice. This keynote speech will reflect on this gap, discuss emerging challenges, and relate BPM research to current waves like "Big Data", "Big Software" and "Cloud Computing", which provide new prospects for future BPM research. 

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BPM is not just about making diagrams. The real challenge is to realize information systems that support processes without jeopardizing flexibility.

_ Wil van der Aalst


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