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Presentation at European BPM Round Table

Manfred Reichert was invited speaker at a special meeting of the European BPM round table on November 5th 2012 in Eindhoven. At this meeting, which was attended by around 100 participants from academia and industry, internationally well-known researchers, together with representatives of the companies they cooperate with, presented joint work. The European BPM round table is the premier venue for researchers and practitioners to meet and discuss the latest trends in Business Process Management (BPM).

In his presentation, Manfred reported on the experiences made and the results obtained during several research projects in the automotive Domain.

BPM Round Table in Eindhoven

Manfred Reichert: From Theory to Practice - A Decade of BPM Research & Developement in the Automotive Domain - Challenges, Solutions, Project Examples [Download PDF document] European BPM Round Table, TU Eindhoven, Netherlands, 5 November 2012  

Some background information on the European BPM Roundtable:

tableOver the past two decades, BPM has caused a radical change in the way in which organizations work. Nowadays, many organizations are structured in a 'process-oriented' manner and use BPM tools and techniques, both in their daily operations and to realize change. Still, this active field is developing rapidly and new tools and techniques appear continuously. This development is sustained by the continuous effort of researchers, who generate and develop new ideas, and practitioners, who demand new solutions and, by applying these in practice, generate valuable experience, which triggers further development.

To facilitate this collaboration, the BPM round table provides a forum where researchers and practitioners meet, discuss the latest trends, exchange ideas and, together, take the field of business process management forward. There are currently 22 national BPM round tables. The European BPM round table provides a European infrastructure, in which national BPM round tables share, among other things, knowledge, speakers and contacts.

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