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Chapter 6 - Exception Handling

6.1. Exception Handling Patterns

Consider the check-in process as described in Exercise 3.1. Think about five possible exceptions which might occur in the context of this process and model them using the exception handling patterns introduced in this chapter.


6.2. Exception Handling Patterns

Consider the publication workflow depicted in Fig. 6.19 (adopted from [315]). Several exceptions might arise:

  • Some authors are unable to view the author kit attachments. Respective authors can download the documents from the publisher's web site.
  • The author sends the paper, but does not fully comply with the formatting guidelines. In this case, the publisher reformats the paper and charges the author.
  • Some authors do not send in their paper, or send it after the deadline has passed. Such papers will not be published.

Model the described exceptions using the exception handling patterns introduced in this chapter.

Fig. 6.19 Publication Workflow

6.3. Compensation Handling in BPEL

Consider Fig. 6.20. What happens if an exception occurs while invoking Service D?

Fig. 6.20 Compensation Handling in BPEL

6.4. Exception Handling with Exlets

To obain additional information on the Exlets approach first read the article by Adams et al. [29]. Then take the exceptions you modeled in Exercise 6.1. How can the Exlets approach be applied to realize exception handlers for these exceptions?

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