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Chapter 4 - Process Modeling & Flexibility-by-Design

4.1. Understanding Pre-specified Process Models

Which of the following statements are true for the process model shown in Fig. 4.5?

  • After activity Send Confirmation has completed, both activity Cancel Journey and activity Send Document are enabled.
  • Present Proposal, Book Baggage Insurance, Book Proposal, Book Travel Health Insurance,Send Confirmation is a valid sub-trace (assuming that traces only comprise activity completion events).
  • After Send Confirmation has completed, the journey can be cancelled at any point; i.e., one of the two occurrences of activity Cancel Journey is always enabled until the process instance reaches state Completed.
  • In every trace the number of occurrences for Prepare Proposal is larger or equal than the number of occurrences of activity Book Proposal.
  • If a trace contains activity Cancel Journey, it never contains activity Send Documents.
  • When activity Cancel Journey becomes enabled (immediately after activity Send Confirmation has completed), activity Send Documents is skipped.
  • Activities Book Proposal and Book Baggage Insurance can be executed concurrently, i.e., both activities become enabled at the same time. Further, their completion can occur in arbitrary order.
  • For any process instance with partial trace Register Customer Request,Prepare Proposal,PresentProposal at least one, and at most eight, activities need to be executed to complete the process instance.
  • After completing activity Present Proposal one of the following activities must directly follow: Book Proposal, Cancel CustomerRequest, Book Baggage Insurance, BookTravelHealth Insurance, Book Travel Cancellation & DelayInsurance, or Book Emergency Insurance.

 4-5Fig. 4.5 Travel Booking–Process Model and Used Control Flow Patterns


4.2. Understanding Pre-specified Process Models

Which of the following statements are true for the process model of Fig. 4.16?

4-16Fig. 4.16 Process for Planning and Performing a Keyhole Surgery


  • After activity Transport Patient to Ward has completed, activities Provide Postsurgical Care,Create Surgery Report, and Order Lab Test become enabled.
  • Activity Schedule Surgery and Write Discharge Letter never appear in the same trace.
  • It is possible that activities Discharge Patient, Create Surgery Report, and Order Lab Testare all in state enabled.
  • <Admit Patient, Perform Checkup, Examine Patient, Discuss Anesthesia, Discuss Risks,Make Decision, Write Discharge Letter> is a valid trace.
  • To enable activity Write Discharge Letter, activities Discharge Patient, Create Surgery Report, and Order Lab Test need to be completed.


4.3. Process Modeling with BPMN

  • Model the process of the scouting department of an American football team acquiring new players through the NFL draft using BPMN.

At the beginning of the process the scouting team watches tapes from college football games. Afterwards the scouting team attends games in which the player they are interested in is participating. If the scouting team is still interested in the player (after having attended his games), they attend the NFL Scouting Combine. Otherwise, the scouting team goes back to watching tapes. After attending the NFL Scouting Combine the scouting team talks to the player. If the scouting team is not interested in the player anymore, the process ends. Otherwise, the scouting team performs a background check to identify possible issues concerning the player's character. At the same time, the scouting team talks to the player's coaches as well as his family. If the scouting team is not interested in the player anymore the process is completed. Otherwise, if the player is still available, the scouting team drafts the player. If the player is no longer available, the process is completed.

Additional Information (Do not model this part)

NFL Draft. The NFL Draft is an annual event in which the 32 National Football League teams select newly eligible college football players. It is the NFL's most common source of player recruitment. NFL Scouting Combine. The NFL Scouting Combine is a week-long showcase, occurring every February in Indianapolis, Indiana's Lucas Oil Stadium, here college football players perform physical and mental tests in front of national Football League coaches, general managers and scouts prior to the NFL Draft.

  • Which workflow patterns can you identify in this scenario?


4.4. Workflow Patterns

In this chapter only a small subset of the control flow patterns has been introduced.

  • To learn about additional control flow patterns visit the workflow patterns website at and check out some of the flash animations.
  • In addition, have a look at the resource and data patterns presented at the above website.
  • Have a look at the evaluation reports provided at the aforementioned website. Which of the control flow patterns can be commonly found in existing PAISs? Are there any patterns which are almost never supported?


4.5. Process Model Verification

Which modeling errors can you detect in the process model depicted in Fig. 4.17?

4-17Fig. 4.17 Incorrect Process Model

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