BPM 2007 Tutorial

Beyond Rigidity - Life Cycle Management for Dynamic Processes
Manfred Reichert, Shazia Sadiq, Barbara Weber

5th International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM'07),
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, 27 September 2007


The economic success of an enterprise increasingly depends on its ability to react to changes
in its environment in a quick and flexible way. Recently, a new generation of process-aware
information systems (PAIS) has emerged to provide this flexibility and to support dynamic
processes. Similar to classical information systems development lifecycles, studies on life
cycle support for dynamic business processes are often sweeping the issues pertaining to
post deployment change management, under the banner of maintenance. However, the
pervasiveness of dynamic changes in business processes warrants targeted attention.

This tutorial presents a review of the basic challenges and techniques that exist for life cycle
management of dynamic processes. Our approach is to present ideal support for the needs of
the various life cycle phases and then to deliberate on various developments from academia
and industry in terms of their closeness to these needs, thus identifying open questions where
relevant. A case study is presented which forms a motivational backbone for the whole tutorial.
A detailed discussion of the process lifecycle structured around the three main phases of
design, execution, and monitoring & analysis and proof-of-concept demonstrations are


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