Minopro 2014 Keynote

The Challenges of Modeling and Evolving Cross-Organizational Processes

Manfred Reichert

Invited Keynote at Int'l Workshop on Modeling Inter-Organizational Processes (Minopro 2014),
Vienna, Austria; 19 March 2014

The economic success of companies more and more depends on their ability to rapidly implement new business processes as well as to flexibly adapt existing processes to changes in their environment. While modeling and flexibility issues of internal company processes are well understood nowadays, the controlled change of the interactions between partner processes in a collaborative setting (i.e., cross-organizational process) has not been sufficiently considered so far. If one partner changes its internal process in an uncontrolled manner, inconsistencies or errors regarding its interactions with the other partners might occur. Additionally, compliance of the changed cross-organizational process and the partner interactions, respectively, with imposed regulations and laws need to be guaranteed. As a particular challenge, the private parts of the internal partner processes are hidden to the other partners and hence are unknown to them.
This keynote discussed research challenges to be tackled in this context. Further, it gave insights into selected results from the C3Pro research project which aims to enable integrated change and compliance support for cross-organizational processes.



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