BPCAS 2014 Keynote

Collective Adaptive Process-Aware Information Systems: Challenges, Scenarios, Techniques

Manfred Reichert

Invited Keynote, Int'l Workshop on Business Processes in Collective Adaptive Systems (BPCAS 2014), BPM 2014 Workshops
Eindhoven, The Netherlands; 8 September 2014

Industry is increasingly demanding coordination support for adaptive process structures consisting of large collections of autonomous, interacting processes. Engineering a car, for example, requires the coordination of development processes for hundreds of car components across organizational borders. Each of these development processes itself comprises a number of interdependent processes for designing, testing, and releasing the respective component. Usually, the resulting process structure becomes very large and is characterized by a strong relation with the assembly of the product. A particular challenge of any collective adaptive process-aware system supporting this kind of scenario is to allow for dynamic adaptations of single autonomous processes, while preservering the consistency of its interactions with other dependent processes. This keynote talk will discuss the challenges emerging in this context. Further, it will give insights into advanced techniques tackling these challenges and enabling advanced support for collective, adaptive and process-aware systems.



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