EVL-BP 2013 Keynote

From Theory to Practice - Transferring Innovative BPM Research to Industrial Practice

Manfred Reichert

Invited Keynote at 6th Int'l Workshop on Evolutionary Business Processes (EVL-BP 2013),
Vancouver, Canada, 9 September 2013

Companies increasingly adopt process-aware information systems to capture, model, execute, monitor, and evolve their business processes. This keynote will draw a retrospective of some of the real-world challenges for business process management that we tackled in various domains (e.g., healthcare, automotive engineering) during the last decade. We will report on research projects which developed innovative technologies for the flexible and efficient support of knowledge-intensive and human-centric business processes. This includes concepts, methods and tools for enabling adaptive and evolutionary processes, data-driven process support, and human-centric workflows. In particular, we will discuss how the technologies we developed in these projects were successfully transferred to industrial practice. 


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