Colloquium U Nurnberg-Erlangen

Managing Flexibility and Evolution Challenges in Process-Aware Information Systems:
Scenarios, Technologies, Tools

Manfred Reichert

CS Colloquium, Friedrich-Alexander Universität Nurnberg-Erlangen, Germany; 26 January 2015

In today's dynamic business world, the success of a company increasingly depends on its ability to react to changes in its environment in a quick and flexible way. Companies have therefore identified process agility as a competitive advantage to address business trends like increasing product and service variability or faster time-to-market as well as to enable a close alignment of business with information technology. Along this trend, process awareness and service orientation have become prevalent paradigms in enterprise computing, and a new generation of process-aware information systems has emerged. Referring to real-world scenarios from various application domains, this lecture will present a review of fundamental flexibility and evolution challenges that exist for process-aware information systems. In particular, it will give insights into concepts, methods and technologies that foster flexibility in all phases of the process lifecycle.



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